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Haley Voters: Policy Priorities


Voters that backed Nikki Haley in the primary welcome the initial messages of openness from President Biden and his campaign.  We strongly condemn the way former President Trump has treated Nikki Haley and her supporters.   


We believe it’s important to inform the Biden campaign of some of the Haley voters’ top policy priorities, which include some of the following areas:


1) Border Security:  This is a top priority for Haley voters.  They believe the bipartisan border security bill was a step in the right direction and are disappointed it was blocked for political reasons.  The Biden Administration should strongly consider what actions he can take by Executive Order to secure the border.  


2) Russia/NATO:  Haley voters will strongly back efforts to provide additional funding to defend Ukraine.  President Biden should continue to emphasize that we will defend “every inch” of NATO territory.  

3) Israel/Middle East:  Haley voters believe that the Biden Administration should continue to stand with Israel, press for military aid to help Israel defend itself, and strongly press for the immediate release of hostages taken by Hamas.  Haley voters agree with the need to prevent loss of innocent Palestinian and Israeli lives, and increase humanitarian aid to Gaza.  The Biden Administration should also more aggressively challenge Iran and its proxies in the region.


4) Fiscal Responsibility:  In the view of Haley voters, both Republican and Democratic administrations have been fiscally irresponsible.  The Biden Administration should express openness to discussing our long-term fiscal health in a way that does not negatively impact the middle-class or anyone who has already entered or retired from the workforce.

5) Bipartisan Cabinet:  The Biden Administration should commit in a 2nd term to appointing a reasonable Republican to a high level Cabinet position including Secretary of State, Defense, Commerce, and or HHS.  

6) Abortion/Reproductive Rights:  Ambassador Haley emphasized the need to stop demonizing people that hold opposite views on this issue.  We understand that the Biden Administration will strongly and publicly fight to preserve the reproductive rights of women and fight against any effort to ban IVF.  We would welcome efforts to protect the right of women to freely travel in between states.  Women should never be fined or punished for their decisions.  At the same time, the administration should enforce existing laws stating that doctors and nurses receiving government funding should not be forced to perform an abortion if they have religious or ethical exceptions/concerns.

7) Energy Production/Climate Change:  The Biden Administration should commit to not just being “energy independent” but “energy dominant.”  We recognize that this is already happening in reality with all forms of energy production reaching record highs.  Any new international climate agreement should dramatically raise the commitments from India and China.

8) Taking Care of Our Veterans:  Ambassador Haley emphasized that we must take care of our veterans while they are abroad and - just as importantly - when they come home.  We call on the Biden Administration to increase efforts to reduce wait times and cancellations at the VA.  

9) Moving Policy to States:  Like Nikki Haley promised, the Biden Administration should commit to quarterly meetings with all governors.  

10) DEI:  The Biden Administration, while protecting and fully enforcing Equal Opportunity and other federal laws, should defer to states, universities, schools, and private industry to determine their own DEI policies wherever possible.  We want to promote tolerance and diversity but not at the expense of excellence and high standards. 

11) Education:  Nikki Haley expressed strong concern about lagging reading and math levels for students throughout the country.  This is largely an issue that should be left to states and localities so that parents can have a stronger say in their children’s education.  


12) Moving the Country Past Trump:  While we understand the need to let the trials against Trump play out, the Biden Administration should not preemptively rule out a potential pardon of Donald Trump if it deems that it is in the best interest of the country. 

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